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Below are the Storz pre-owned Cystoscopes and Hysteroscopes that we specialize in.  Our current inventory may include certain Storz Cystoscopes and Hysteroscopes that are not listed here.  If there is a scope you are looking for that is not included on this page, please contact our main office for more information on our current inventory of Storz Cystoscopes and Hysteroscopes.  


Hopkins II Autoclavable Cystoscopes


Part Number Outer Diameter Direction of View
27005AA 4mm 0*
27005BA 4mm 30*
27005CA 4mm 70*
27005FA 4mm 12*


Hopkins II Autoclavable Hysteroscopes


Part Number Outer Diameter Direction of View
26120AA 2.9mm 0*
26120BA 2.9mm 30*
26120CA 2.9mm 70*
26120FA 2.9mm 12*
26105AA 4mm 0*
26105BA 4mm 30*
26105CA 4mm 70*
26105FA 4mm 12*


  *All hardware for the above scopes are available for purchase.  Please contact our office for hardware inquiries.  

*MTM Medical, Inc. acknowledges and credits the registered copyrights and trademarks of the above companies and has no affiliation with those listed. The technical data given in this publication is for general information only.

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