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All of our pre-owned Camera Systems have undergone rigorous inspection and/or testing to meet high quality image and functionality standards.    

Stryker Camera Systems

  • 988 System
  • 1088 System
  • 1188 System
  • 1288 System
  • 1488 System


Karl Storz Camera Systems

  • Telecam
  • Tricam (A/C and Non-A/C)
  • Image 1 (HD and HUB)
  • A3, H3, S3, P3, H3Z, H3P Cameras

Conmed Linvatec Camera Systems

  • IM3300 CCU with IM3330
  • IM4100 CCU with IM4120

Olympus Camera Systems

  • OTV-S7
  • OTV-S7Pro
  • CV-160
  • CV-180


smith&nephew Dyonics Camera Systems

  • 460
  • 470
  • 560
  • 570

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